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Over the past decade, my journey in leadership has evolved from team-building events to a deep passion for mentoring. This transformation led me to become a certified coach, proficient in guiding professionals at diverse career junctures. Together with a team of experts at wingman ltd., we offer unparalleled consultancy for conscious leaders and their businesses. I fervently believe in the transformative power of coaching and mentorship. Let wingman ltd., with its dedicated team, be your beacon towards success and fulfillment.


Roman, your inspiration and support were invaluable during a tough period for me. Choosing you as my coach was truly a great choice. Your kind and expert guidance pushed me to challenge myself. I believe our meeting was destined, not a coincidence.

Latha Sukumar

MCIS, Canada

Cooperation with Roman helped me think better about a proper work/private balance, especially how to bring more creativity and new ideas into the work. I also appreciated valuable tips for time management and finding my inner strength. I feel now more relieved and have more space for myself.

Hynek Mandula

Pfeifer, Austria

This 1-on-1 coaching was just what I needed. It wasn't just about sales tactics, it helped me see where I could improve personally too.
If you're in sales, this is something you'll really appreciate.

David Malina

CISCO, Czech

Our candid conversations helped me to find my inner balance and zoom out from daily operations to follow the clear vision I have in my business and private life. I like how he combines asking powerful questions and sharing the experience he gained through his business career. It helps me to be a better leader and keep my team engaged and motivated.

David Brackett

Linguava, USA