Leveraging over 25 years of prosperous business and life experience ...

I offer insights from: 

  • Elevating a family business from 5M to 100M CZK annual revenue.
  • Forming a diverse multinational team with a global perspective.
  • Cultivating a company culture that marries well-defined processes with individual autonomy and recognizes the strengths of each team member.
  • Spearheading international sales and business development across 30+ countries.
  • Maintaining an influential network with business leaders and consultants spanning 20+ distinct fields.

I collaborate best with: 

  • Visionary leaders dedicated to nurturing the growth of every team member.
  • Individuals fueled by a desire for personal and professional evolution.
  • Those who uphold values like EQUALITY, FREEDOM, OPENNESS, a POSITIVE FRAMEWORK, and RESPECT.

How I deliver

  • Tailored 1-on-1 consultations: Personalized sessions to dive deep into your unique challenges and aspirations.

  • Team-building and development programs: Crafted to foster unity, bolster team dynamics, and amplify collaborative productivity.

  • Interactive seminars and workshops: Engage in hands-on learning experiences designed to impart actionable strategies and insights.

  • Engaging transformative events: Participate in events that promise transformation, networking, and a wealth of knowledge.

  • Leadership Content and Community Membership: Receive tailored-prepared content, podcast bonuses, exclusive brochures, insightful tips, and membership in the close-knit HERO-HERO community of leaders.

  • Free Content for Continuous Learning:

    • Articles: Delve into thoughtfully written pieces that share industry insights, experiences, and actionable advice.
    • Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest trends, my personal recommendations, and exclusive content.
    • Podcast Interviews: Listen in as I discuss various topics, share stories, and converse with other industry leaders and experts.
  • Your growth journey should be continuous and ever-evolving. My offerings are designed to cater to every step of that journey.

    Connect & Grow Together

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